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About Dan Callahan

Dan Callahan

Dan Callahan

Dan is currently serving as the Trustee for the Civilian, Veteran, and Retiree members for the PSYOP Regimental Association (PRA) Fort Bragg Chapter.

Dan served 30 years active duty (33 years total) retiring in 2022, culminating his career as the Command Sergeant Major of the 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne).

Dan joined the Army initially in 1989, as a Psychological Operations Specialist, and deployed to Iraq as a TPT with A Co 9th PSYOP BN during Desert Shield/Storm. Following his tour, he ETS’d in 1992 where he continued to serve in the Massachusetts National Guard as Military Policeman.

In 1996, Dan came back on Active Duty, and returned to the 4th PSYOP GRP and served the rest of his career in the PSYOP Regiment.

Assigned to 1st PSYOP BN, Dan deployed on multiple Operational Missions to Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador in support of Counter Drug and Demining operations.

In 2003 he deployed as the Detachment Sergeant TPD970, 9th POB in support of OIF I, and again in 2009 to Afghanistan as the Task Force 46 Operations Sergeant Major.

His other assignments include USSOUTHCOM FWD Detachment NCO (Panama), USACAPOC SOUTHCOM Operations Desk NCO, 4th PSYOP GRP EOA, First Sergeant A CO, 1st PSYOP Battalion, First Sergeant D CO, 3rd PSYOP Battalion, Effects Directorate SGM USARCENT THIRD ARMY, CSM 3rd PSYOP Battalion, CSM 7th PSYOP Battalion, PSYOP Proponent SGM USAJFKSWCS, and CSM 4th PSYOP Group.

His distinctive honors in the Regiment are Gold and Silver McClure Medallion recipient, Silver Knight Recipient (2021-2022), Centurion Jumpmaster and PSYOP Regiment Plank Holder.

Since retiring, Dan spends his time golfing, hunting, or fishing.

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